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Outstaffing as a Vital Tool for a Limited Pool of Local Talents

Since the sector of IT is rapidly developing all over the world, the market is overwhelmed with the number of specialists. However, certain companies struggle from a lack of tech talents which causes a chain of drawbacks in terms of valuable input to the technical side of the business. A shortage of software developers leaves the company no choice but to come up with new approaches to solve this issue. One of the useful and widely used tools is outstaffing services that allow corporations to hire remote engineers from other countries. Outstaffing the remote development teams is no longer a new term in the business world since their services can solve both the issue of a dramatically huge number of specialists in the IT market and the shortage of software engineers

Revealing the Truth: IT as a Gold Mine for Seekers 

There is no big secret that software developers, QA engineers, SaaS professionals have one of the biggest salary rates in the world. For instance, in Sweden, software engineer’s salary rate varies from $8-10.000, in Finland – $6-8.000, Norway – $16-18.000, and the highest rates go to the United States, with about $10-12.000. Not only this remains as the leading factor to start an IT career for many graduates, but also the fact the market offers a huge number of large and small -scale companies as well as interesting projects to choose from.  

The IT market also remains popular in developing countries, in particular, Eastern Europe, non-EU members. More and more young people (in fact, not only young) are willing to invade the market as the salary rates are higher for average. For instance, in Ukraine, an average salary varies from $300 to $400 at best, while developers earn about $4-5.000. As a result, graduates pass courses and start their career in IT to become a valuable member of the sector of IT. Moreover, they are eager to learn new features and technologies that appear on the market, thus, will put innovativeness to each of your projects, you can read about offshore software development Ukraine here.

From Costs Saving to Exemplary Quality – The Benefits of Outstaffing 

Software developers shortage in local markets has eventually led many companies to search the candidates in other parts of the world. That’s how offshoring and nearshoring services have been established. You can hire a team or single developer for a short period of time, with the required set of skills and experience, and a particular specialization to successfully work on your project and contribute to its success. The business philosophy is constantly changing among companies who aim at innovations, so they are ready to fight new challenges and face the risks for the sake of business growth. 

Long story short, outstaffing services will considerably save your money on recruiting and retaining employees, maintaining office space, paying salaries for the developers. The agencies provide you with best recruiters to do their job for you, select the candidates, conduct interviews, to provide you with the engineers that suit your needs. Eventually, based on the principals of outstaffing services, you select the ones that suit your needs and, via your CTO, start working on the project development. 

If your company is US-based you are probably aware of the fact that an average salary for Junior JavaScript developers will cost you around $130-150.000 a year. If you ever did a research on the salary rates in the world, you would probably be surprised to find out that IT professionals in some European countries will cost you twice less. That is why many companies outstaff their development teams in Germany, Ukraine, Poland, and other countries in European region.  

When the Distance is not an Issue for Communication 

Probably one of the key disturbing points for a client of an outstaffing vendor is the quality of remote team and communication. Maintaining staff management is not an easy task even to in-house employees. Most companies that use the outstaffing model have come up with numerous essential communication tools to facilitate the process of cooperation. For instance, they hold daily synchronous meetings, task trackers, video conferencing, and personal visits. In turn, the CTOs are responsible for controlling the technical aspects of the projects to make sure the team is meeting the strategy. 

It is highly necessary to establish trust and reliable relationships for both parties. First, the clients need to understand that there are real people on the other side of the screen and they need to find a personal, customized approach to their team. That is why personal meetings come in handy to get to know with the team, find out more about their lives, motivation drivers, and other things to eliminate your disturbance. In fact, most developers in Easter Europe are open-minded and collaborative, which allows you and them to get maximum effectiveness from communication, and, eventually, from cooperation. 

As for the quality, the developers are among the professionals who possess an immense level of responsibility, loyalty, and dedication. They are not afraid of challenges, and, in fact, will gladly face those to give you even more prosperous results. Software engineers are sort of creative people, who may also offer you useful implementation and initiate the changes that will bring new life to your product. They can spend hours while resolving the issues and managing a project’s stage. 

Key Points

 As today’s IT market is widely developing in a speedy manner, businesses might face both shortage of talents and their overwhelmingness. Each year, the number of graduates with IT specialization increases so companies are able to choose from the variety of candidates.They, despite uncertainties, go for hiring remote development teams not only to add cultural diversity to their current staff composition, but also, most importantly, to bring talented and seasoned professionals to fulfill their business needs. To mitigate the risks of miscommunication, outstaffing vendors implement different applications for messaging, conducting video calls, and scheduling personal visits for clients’ comfort. Outstaffing might not be for everyone, but if the world is hyped about this model, why not to go for it?

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