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Top 6 online video editor for freelancers in 2021

Video editing is a staple skill that a lot of freelancers are focusing on these days. To learn and practice your video editing skills, you need good video editing software. It can help you to create videos for a brand or personal projects. If you are a freelancer, then using video editing software is essential for you. Why? It will help you to initiate marketing campaigns like never before. Whether you want to create videos for YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, you will always need the help of an online video editor.

Well-structured and produced videos can help you to create more engaging content for the audience. Better engagement will directly lead to better sales and ROI in the long run. It has been found that high-quality e-commerce videos can help to improve conversion rates by at least 144%. That is why the majority of marketers these days look forward to adding videos to their brand marketing efforts.

With so many different video editors to choose from, it can be confusing to decide which software can help you the best for the freelancer, right? So, check out these top 5 online video editors.

1. InVideo 

The very first online video editor that we are going to talk about is InVideo. It has a ton of great features that can help you modify, edit, and cut your videos to give them a polished look. The editor features a big library of copyright-free templates and stock videos from different genres.

With this editor, you can even add music, fonts, and filters to the videos very easily. Without spending too much time, you can now create wonderful videos, which will help you market your products.

Best Features 

  • InVideo allows you to make brilliant intros to make your videos even more attractive and appealing. These can last for a few seconds to even an hour.
  • Add your favorite music to the videos. Apart from that, you can search the InVideo library to find out the audio clips for adding them to any video.
  • Using the multiple layer feature, you can add new elements to the video with ease & create a wonderful effect.
  • InVideo also allows you to add your details to the video, including email address, contact no., etc.

2. Lightworks 

Lightworks is a simple & easy to use video editor that is good for beginners. It comes with a collection of tutorial videos that helps you to learn how to use the app better. It has a brilliant collection of stock videos and music clips that have been licensed to use your videos.

That is why you can give your videos a great look. You can get the premium version for $24.99.

Best Features 

  • Simple yet high-quality trim functions that help you in fast video editing
  • It gives you speed optimization, which allows you to import new content while you are already editing another
  • Multicam editing feature helps you to sync clips from different cameras
  • You can share your content with real-time team project feature
  • Share your videos easily on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram

3. VideoPad 

VideoPad is a free option for any beginner who wants to learn about editing. With this app, you can find easy-to-use tools and features that will help you do many things that include – 3D video editing, access the sound effects library and cut or trim the videos.

You can add your own effects, texts, animations, and transitions as well. Also, it has never been easier to share your videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Google Drive.

Best Features 

  • There is a built-in double screen that allows you to preview and edit two different elements at the same time
  • There are innumerable pre-made and customizable transitions to use
  • You can export personalized presets to create different video files
  • You can bring more stabilization to your videos with this editor
  • Huge library of presets, effects, and videos, which are all royalty-free

4. DaVinci Resolve 

One of the most advanced and professional video editing software on this list, DaVinci Resolve can make you an expert at editing videos in no time. From adding audio to visual effects and color correction, you can do it all using this editing software.

This is the favorite video editor for many films, television shows, and marketing experts. It gives you the option to choose both online or offline editing. You’ll be surprised to know that it supports 8K resolution and H.264 and RAW editing as well.

Best Features 

  • It comes with a dual timeline for more intuitive navigation and trimming
  • Dedicated trimming interface that will show you even the minute details
  • You can use a lot of features like picture-in-picture effects, retiming, stabilization, dynamic zoom, and audio
  • It comes with quick facial recognition that can detect your face and adjusts the video accordingly
  • High-end motion speed changes, frame rate conversions, and other features to add a new depth to the video. 

5. Blender 

If you are looking for a 3D video editor, then your search will end with Blender. It is a free and open-source 3D creation suite that gives you the ability to create high-quality animated videos. The software is developed by many top animators from around the world who came together to create editing software.

It is specially designed to tackle complex edits that are related to animations and masking. If you are leading a project in 3D animation, then Blender is the software that you will need.

Best Features 

  • For realistic and high-quality rendering, you can use the path-tracer engine
  • Even the most advanced rendering can be done with a lot of ease due to the high speed of saving and exporting
  • You can code game logic to your video with the help of this video editor
  • An extensive library of visual effects, clips, and transitions are available

6. Video Candy

The easiest video editor to use. It is a completely free easy-to-use set of video tools, currently 15, more to come. Up to 2GB per file, no advertising or subscriptions. Video Candy allows one to merge videos, trim, add music, and much more.

Best Features

  • If you need to edit a video quickly, if you only need to do specific touch-ups, this is your best option.
  • You find all the options on the main page. It’s very visual and intuitive. You just have to choose the effect and attach the video.
  • Video Candy has basic functions like creating slideshows, merging, cutting or compressing videos.
  • It also allows you, among other things, to apply effects such as adding music, changing the speed, rotating the video, creating a gift.

So, here are the top 6 best online video editors that you can check out in 2021. All the editors present in our list have been tested time and again. That is why you must use them to learn, understand and create new videos.

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